4 (Free) Ways to Stay Busy While Social Distancing

by gabimaudiere | March 20, 2020 | All the Rest, Children's Books, News, On Our Radar

In times of global uncertainty, it feels tremendously reassuring to see communities come together in efforts to spread joy and creativity. We understand the news right now is challenging to engage with, and many families are working hard to stay on top of their full-time jobs as well as keeping their children busy. So we set out to find ways to keep kids (and adults!) busy and creative. Best of all? Each of these tips are offered at no cost from the fitness pros, artists, educators, and musicians offering them.

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We hope these four ways offer a little inspiration to your social distancing routine(s). It’s a challenging time for everyone, so knowing people are looking after one another in the community can help bridge the distance we’ve all been prescribed to.

Tune in next week for a Q+A with Child Psychologists on ways to talk to your children about anxiety. Looking for more ways to decompress? Head over to our blog where we have posts about how to manage stress, build a journal practice, and even learn to meditate!


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