5 Ways to Combat Stress

by gabimaudiere | March 13, 2020 | All the Rest, News, On Our Radar

There is no denying that stress levels are high right now. In light of recent events, the most important message we can spread at this moment is to find as many ways as possible to stay positive. Today we’re sharing five easy ways to incorporate more joy and tranquility into our daily lives while we are practicing social distancing.

Looking after our mental and physical health is just as important in combatting the spread of illness. So, here are five easy ways to relieve stress and promote healthy habits while staying at home.

3. Watch FUNNY T.V.

As much as we encourage watching educational television, sometimes allowing yourself a good laugh is the most healthy thing you can do for yourself. Search your cable TV guide or a streaming service for a comedy or other uplifting story. Indulging in a good belly laugh can help you forget about the stress around you and help you disconnect for a few blissful minutes (or hours)!

4. Meditate

Meditating has received a fair amount of publicity in recent years – and for good reason. Learning how to switch off and reflect inward (without distractions) is a proven way to combat emotional stress. Find a comfortable spot in your home, switch off all distractions, and pace one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest. Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose, counting up to five on the inhale. Pause at the top and slowly release on a five count or more. Repeat for as many times as you like, or set a gentle timer. Like journaling, you can form a habit by starting small. Commit to five minutes a day and work your way up

5. Exercise

Find time in your day to move your body however feels good to you. Whether it’s taking a free yoga class from Youtube or going for a run or brisk walk near or around your house, moving your body can release endorphins, and has been shown to make us feel happier. Exercise helps relieve tension and improve clarity, both things that are important when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Be sure not to overdo it though, if you’re feeling crummy, use this time to do some gentle stretching or deep breathing.