A Reading Challenge for 2020

by gabimaudiere | December 2, 2019 | All the Rest, On Our Radar
Reading Challenge

1. Read Around the World

Why we love it: it encourages you to read widely. We love the idea of expanding your horizons to include authors from different countries and parts of the world. While the list is compiled of various mainstream authors, we do love the emphasis on diversity. 

2. Freedom to Read

banned books reading challenge

Why we love it: founded by activist Judith Krug in 1982, Banned Books Week is celebrated annually by calling attention to great literature that has been banned over the course of history. Books were considered banned because of their content relating to either sexual imagery, violence, or any material considered to be “obscene.” Reading banned books is a reminder to continue advocating for inclusion in the publishing world.

Did you know that Maya Angelou’s, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, was considered “deviant” and thus placed on the banned books list in 1983?

Thank you to Penguin Random House, list challenges.com, @KelseyinLondon, and, @hopelessbooklover_ for the images and inspiration.