At-Home Art Activity: Blind Contour Drawing

by gabimaudiere | May 7, 2020 | Children's Books, Photography, Arts & Crafts

At Home Art Inspired by Evon Zerbetz

This art activity geared towards kids at home requires few materials, and lots of enthusiasm! She says, “Throw away your preconceptions that art must be beautiful, because today your task is blind contour drawing. Another name for it…Bat Drawing!”

Bat Drawing?

Bats don’t use the same kind of vision humans do. Because bats are nocturnal, they fly through the night, without being able to see! They rely on their instincts to guide the way. This activity is called “bat drawing” because you are going to practice drawing without actually looking at your work. This art activity is about feeling your way–like a bat, rather than being perfect. Be ready to be surprised (or shocked) by the results! This is also a game you can invite friends to do with you on a video chat.


There are three rounds for this drawing activity.

Round 1: Set a timer for 2 minutes

  • Have someone in your house sit for 2 minutes while you draw their head and shoulders.
  • OR, if you want to do this by yourself, look in a mirror and draw yourself.
  • If you’re working with a partner, you and them will both be drawing at the same time.

When the timer starts, you will not look at your paper again. Only look at what you are drawing. Let your eyes move over your subject, and let your pen flow across the paper. Move slowly. It often works best not to lift your pen, and let it flow in one long line, recording what you see.

Round 2: Set a timer for 2 minutes

  • Draw an object in your room – a plant, a stuffed animal. Don’t draw a ball—too easy! Draw a stuffed animal. No looking!

Round 3: Set a timer for 1 minute

  • Draw a tool from your kitchen or garage, or pick an object with an interesting shape. And don’t look at your drawing!
  • When the timer is over, LOOK at your paper! Are you surprised with what you were able to sketch?

Download the full instructions by clicking the picture below

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Share Your Masterpiece!

Art show time! Tape your pictures outside on your porch or in your window and invite a
neighbor or friend to your outside art show. OR share a photo of your picture with me at, or post it to social media and tag @westmarginpress so we can see all the delightful drawings.