An Adapted Screenplay

by gabimaudiere | February 10, 2020 | All the Rest, On Our Radar

The Rundown:

Whether or not you watched the full Academy Awards show, there is no disputing the excitement for celebrating the films from the past year. And whether or not you agree with the results (we say cheers to you Greta–we loved Little Women! And Cynthia, your performance in Harriet as well as your performance of Stand Up was outstanding), seeing a room full of celebrities honoring their peers is still a treat. 

What is an Adapted Screenplay?

While the evening was spent jokingly pointing fingers at some categories that are often overlooked like “Best Cinematographer,” or “Best Film Mixing,” there is one category that we, as book people, can’t tout enough– “Best Adapted Screenplay.” This award is given each year to the writer of a screenplay that was originally adapted from another source. For example, Greta Gerwig was nominated in this category for her adaptation of Little Women by author Louisa May Alcott. We love this category because usually it means the screenwriters are using books and plays as their inspiration for a film.

Books lay the foundation for endless story telling. The Adapted Screenplay category celebrates the tradition of books in a way that forever honors them. While we were unabashedly pulling for Little Women in this year’s Oscar’s cycle, recognizing some of the previous nominees dating all the way back to Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights in 1939, to E.M Forrester’s A Room With a View, sets the scene for the importance of books in our culture. It’s important to keep going to the cinema and to keep supporting directors, writers, and cinematographers of all backgrounds and perspectives. We agree that the Oscars have a long way to go until their presence is equitable and reflects the society that actually watches the movies nominated, but making noise about the films that have impact is a great way to start.