Children’s Books Revisited

by gabimaudiere | January 15, 2020 | Children's Books, On Our Radar

There are some very special books that exist far beyond the boundaries of our age. We’re talking about those few children’s books you read in bed that stayed with you throughout the night. We wanted to pay homage to three children’s books in particular that you can read again and again as an adult. Hey, you just might find the stories are much different than when you first read them.

Better Not Be Late For a Very Important Date

Alice in Wonderland. The fantastical story of a girl who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime has captured the hearts (and minds) of readers everywhere. With wise anecdotes from odd characters, this children’s book teaches its reader that perhaps life is not always exactly as it seems. Alice embodies the primal inquisition we so often cast aside in the name of “growing up,” rather than embracing the fun that comes along with trying something new. Alice demonstrates that looks aren’t everything, some of the most sage advice comes from the most unsuspecting of people and that when intentions are pure, most often everything else will fall into place.


You Don’t Need Ruby Slippers to Feel at Home

Dorothy and her band of misfits have remained as an integral part to the canon of children’s literature. But upon further reflection, as adults who wander back into the peppy land of Oz, many have come to understand that Dorothy’s plea for returning home is not just rooted in a fear of the unknown. The famous line, “there is no place like home,” has for many adult readers been quickly overshadowed by monkeys on broomsticks and dancing scarecrows. Yet it is in the innate wisdom that that quote prevails. Dorothy teaches her readers that home is not just in one’s physical location, home becomes who you take the time to surround yourself with. Home is what you make it and it’s important for everyone to have a strong understanding of that. Home is important to our feeling of belonging.

wizard of oz

The Foundations of an Empire

Much of Disney’s empire is indebted to the dedicated collected stories of Carl and Wilhelm Grimm. From the revered Princess Cinderella to the infamous Rumpelstiltskin, the Brothers Grimm are who we have to thank for so many of the stories that have become ingratiated with the roots of children’s literature. Originally published in an edition called Kinder- und Hausmärchen, or in English, Children’s and Household Tales, the brothers Grimm dedicated their lives towards establishing the modern day study of folklore. Cinderella instilled in its audience that kindness is always more beautiful than ones appearance. Rumpelstiltskin reminds us that too much power can be in fact very dangerous, and the Princess and the Frog is an admirable reminder that being kind towards others is important regardless of how different they are from us.

What are some of your favorite classic children’s books? We urge you to take a look back on some of your favorites and maybe even consider giving them another read. You may find that the story is in fact much different than you remember, or that you learn something new with a different perspective.