Grant McOmie’s Top Three Tips for Watery Outdoor Adventures

by admin | June 16, 2017 | Travel & Outdoors

As temperatures rise, it’s natural to head to the water, especially when you have kids in tow. Here are 3 tips from Emmy award-winning travel reporter Grant McOmie, of Grant’s Getaways, to keep aquatic adventures fun (and safe):

TIP 1: There is nothing more rewarding than adventuring with kids, and June is swimming safety month, so never leave a child unattended by water and check the National Water Safety website for other great tips on swimming with the kids.

TIP 2: When you are out on the water, always, always wear your life jacket. The Oregon State Marine Board provides several other recommendations for watercraft safety on their website.

TIP 3: And finally, a trip to the coast can be fun, exciting, and relaxing all in one, but parents need to know the risks. Situations change rapidly at the beach: tides, sneaker waves, sinkholes, and sandbars can create a tricky environment. The best way to ensure your family stays safe is to pay attention and stick together. It’s tempting to relax on the sand with a good book while your kids frolic in the surf, but always stay with your children in the water. Regardless of whether they are strong swimmers, waves can quickly upend a child and rip currents can pull strongly even when just wading in the water. Having an adult within arm’s reach can prevent disaster. Keep foremost in your mind the phrase ‘Never turn your back on the ocean.’ A trip to the coast is a wonderful way to build lasting memories with your family. Remaining vigilant during your visit helps ensure those memories are all positive.

Find more tips for traveling with kids in Grant’s new book: Grant’s Getaways – Oregon Adventures with the Kids. Watch the trailer for the book here.

A fifth-generation Oregon native, Grant McOmie is a journalist, author, and teacher who has spent much of thirty-year career as a news reporter exploring Oregon. McOmie, Travel Oregon, and KGW NewsChannel 8 produce Grant’s Getaways segments in cooperation with the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon State Parks, and the Oregon State Marine Board. The weekly segments and programs feature themes such as fishing, urban hiking, surfing, geocaching, whale watching, kayaking, and white-water rafting. The show reaches approximately 2.8 million households annually, bringing to life the state’s many and varied natural resources and inspiring year-round travel throughout the state. See more episodes on the Travel Oregon website at: