Great Reads for Nature Lovers

by admin | December 15, 2017 | Nature & Wildlife

Is there a nature lover on your list? On the third week of our #4weeks4books blog, we’re highlighting books that embrace the wonders of our nature.

Animal Stories: Encounters with Alaska's Wildlife

Animal Stories

With its stunning cover image by Tom Walker, this book connects readers with the natural world in a way that only Bill Sherwonit can do.

“Reminds us that community is built and sustained not only by humans caring for one another, but by humans noticing, coming to know, and caring about their animal neighbors. . .  In prose that’s clear as a rain-washed sky, he observes and writes as a true citizen-naturalist and nature writer.”

Eva Saulitis, author of Into Great Silence: A Memoir of Discovery and Loss Among Vanishing Orcas

“For Sherwonit, there is no animal so insignificant that it can’t teach us a profound lesson or embody some magical quality; each is therefore worthy of our respect and attention.”

Library Journal

Visit the Anchorage Zoo and get your copy there.

Life with Forty Dogs: Misadventures with Runts, Rejects, Retirees, and Rescues

Life with Forty Dogs

In Joseph Robertia’s award-winning #LifeWithFortyDogs, readers experience life at 40 below in Alaska (without leaving their warm armchair) and what it’s like to rehabilitate rescues into happy working dogs.

“This is more than just another valentine to canines: it’s an insightful and occasionally heartrending account of life with a team of working dogs.”

Publisher’s Weekly

Winner 2017 DWAA Best Book: Rescue or Adoption — Dog Writer’s Association of America (Special Category)
Winner 2017 Dogwise Best Book Award — Dog Writer’s Association of America (Special Category)
Runner-up: 2017 Best Book Awards Finalist — American Book Fest Best Book Awards (Animals/Pets)

Get a copy at the fabulous An Unlikely Story in Plainville, Mass.

PH a Novel

pH A Novel

Environmental writer Nancy Lord introduces readers to the fascinating science of ocean acidification and pteropods (otherwise known as sea butterflies), through the eyes of a cast of memorable characters in this engrossing debut novel.

“Seamlessly weaves into the story detailed, but not distracting, explanations of the ocean’s chemistry, the biology of marine life, and scientific methodology, along with descriptions of Alaska Native life and customs. . . .as educational as it is enjoyable. . .”

Washington Review of Books

“Moments of brilliantly etched natural beauty bring the reader into the powerful spaces and places that make up Alaska and our troubled oceans. . . It is this ability of Lord’s to draw us into both the science and the sheer joy of witnessing the natural beauty of the ocean that makes this novel such a powerful read.”

The Brooklyn Rail

Buy it at Nancy’s local store, The Homer Bookstore.

Pup the Sea Otter

Pup the Sea Otter

Author Jonathan London teamed with his son, Sean London, for a winning combination in this adorable picture book for children.

“Set in verse, peppered with onomatopoeia (“munch crunch munch!”) and dramatic sounds (“Eeeeeeeee!”), this is a fine selection for read-alouds.”

School Library Journal

“Overall, this is a beautiful book, combining natural history education with literacy support and empathy development.”

The Children’s Book Review

Winner 2017 National Outdoor Book Award — Children’s Category
Selection 2017 Outstanding Science Trade Book — Children’s Book Council / National Science Teacher’s Association

Check it out from your local library or buy a copy at Jonathan’s favorite store, Copperfields.

Next week, we’ll share a list of #LastMinuteGifts for everyone on your list!