Meet 10 remarkable kids, each representing a unique Alaska Native heritage.

by admin | March 8, 2019 | Children's Books

Can you imagine what it’s like to grow up in the Land of the Midnight Sun? How lucky can a kid get?!

Young readers can soon discover what its like to be a kid in Alaska in author Tricia Brown and photographer Roy Corral’s upcoming book, Children of the First People (available everywhere books are sold April 9, 2019).

The book shares a window into the lives of ten Alaskan kids and readers can get a better understanding of the diversity of Alaska’s Native cultures and their place in the world—their favorite traditions, foods, games, and more.

For centuries, the ancestors of these children have thrived in the far north: Iñupiat, Eyak, Yup’ik, Haida, Athabascan, Unanga(Aleut), Tlingit, Alutiiq, Tsimshian, and Siberian Yupik. And while Alaska Native children are a lot like kids everywhere, their everyday lives balance modern culture with ancient traditions.

Each child’s culture is unique, but all are so proud to be Alaskan! To choose the kids, Tricia and Roy relied on the help of culture camp leaders, village mayors, principals, and parents. Their subjects had to be bold enough to speak freely with a stranger and discerning enough to share cultural knowledge. They wanted a mix of genders, seasons, and traditions. What had they learned from their elders? Their favorite time of year and why? Their favorite foods and places? What did they want to be someday? The result is an intimate portrait of each child against the larger backdrop of ancient culture and place. It beautifully captures the real Alaska from a child’s perspective. Meet these amazing kids and learn more in this book trailer created by Tricia Brown.

Children of the First People celebrates the 20th anniversary of Tricia Brown’s and Roy Corral’s award-winning, Alaskan favorite Children of the Midnight Sun. Download an educator guide for Children of the First People here.