How to Form a Habit

by gabimaudiere | January 13, 2020 | All the Rest, On Our Radar
a habit means a beginning

Habits are hard to form.  There are many articles circulating around the internet touting that it takes anywhere from two weeks to 21 days, to years just to form a habit. These articles spout that with just enough perseverance and mental fortitude that the world can be claimed as your oyster. We’re not here to offer our own experiments or scientific trials, but we do think talking about the importance of routine and forming positive habits is beneficial to the way we do work…and play!

A Habit Worth Forming

We like the idea of shutting off technology an hour before bed to tuck into a good book. Reading is a habit that takes dedicated energy to form. We like looking at reading as a habit because it can prove to be really useful when trying to spend less time on your phone.

Forming a reading habit with your children is also really important to do when they’re young. We love THIS article talking about a few ways to cultivate a thriving reading habit with your kids. Our favorite tip from the article? Create a cozy reading space that entices children to stay and read! This is another useful article that talks about strategic ways you can read with your kids to develop a thriving reading habit. #RaiseAReader

Journaling is another great habit to form. Spending time with your thoughts can be beneficial when it comes to practicing introspection. Checking in with yourself can lower levels of stress simply by taking the time to remind yourself of how you’re feeling.

Learning to cook! The more you make a habit out of meal prep, following a recipe, or trying new things in the kitchen, the more confident you’ll feel making it a regular part of your repertoire. And a brilliant excuse to throw more dinner parties!

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