How to Practice Positivity in 2020

by gabimaudiere | January 10, 2020 | All the Rest, On Our Radar

Positivity Is The New Self Care

Practicing positivity takes take time. It seems like the beginning of the year always ushers in lofty resolutions. And we understand that there are genuinely good intentions supporting them. But the promise of, “new year, new me,” can often be anxiety producing. Holding ourselves to unrealistic expectations of a full identity transformation can be much more harmful than we think.

So how do we go about setting intentions for the new year? How does one grapple with forming positive habits without the weight of unsuccessful guilt if we don’t follow through with them immediately?

Here are three easy ways to practice positive intentions this new year – so you can keep, crush, and continue to slay your 2020 goals. 


3 Easy Ways to Practice Resiliency

  1. Keep a list of daily gratitudes. In a blank journal, make it a habit every morning while you’re sipping coffee or a tea to write down a list of 10 things you have to be grateful for that day. Practicing compassion in this manner encourages feelings of empathy and love that manifest themselves throughout the day. When you acknowledge the presence and impact of others it can help put you in a positive headspace that will undoubtedly make you feel better throughout the day.
  2. Make time to take time. Community is integral to our feeling of belonging. When it comes to practicing resiliency, it’s important to remember that no battle must be fought alone. Taking the time to meet a friend for a walk, or sit down to lunch together is really important when it comes to nurturing relationships. As soon as you enter your meetup in a calendar, treat the rendezvous as important as that meeting with your boss next week. Maintaining healthy friendships is integral to longevity as it instills deeper levels of purpose in our lives.
  3. Hone your self-care practice. While many may have written, “practice self-care in 2020”, small acts of daily self-care are the cornerstones of building resiliency. While self-care has had it’s moment in the spotlight, it’s not just going to the spa and eating kale salads. Self-care means looking at yourself in the mirror and saying thank you. It means taking 10 extra minutes during your lunch break to go for a stroll, or allowing yourself a Friday night alone to catch up on a good book. Self-care looks and feels different to all those who practice it, and nearly 99% of the time, it doesn’t cost a penny.

2020. Same Me!

Working on a maintaining positivity, like self-care, looks different for everyone. We all travel through the world at different speeds, so it’s important not to put yourself in someone else’s race.  When it comes to owning your new year’s resolutions this January remember that it doesn’t take much to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. Maybe instead we can make, “New year SAME me,” a thing?


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