How To Read More: 6 Tips From Our Editor

by gabimaudiere | November 15, 2019 | All the Rest, On Our Radar

There are so many amazing books out there but of course never enough hours in the day to read them. We set out to remedy this situation by sitting down with our editor here at West Margin Press to get some lucrative information on she finds time to get those pages in. Here are our 6 simple tips on how to read more.

#1 Read What You Actually Like

In our professional opinion, there is no point wasting time on drudging through a book that doesn’t interest you. Pick up books that resonate with you, make you laugh, you can identify with, etc. You’ll know you’ve found an amazing book when you simply cannot put it down. Remember, not everything you read must be a Nobel Prize winning title, but every book should make you want to read more.

read more of what you like

#2 Reread Old Favorites

An easy way to build up “reading confidence,” (that feeling you get when you’ve finished a book) is to read something you love. If rereading Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire makes you forget your worries and transports you directly into the Triwizard Tournament, reread that stuff! The more you love an old favorite, the more inclined you are to read more. Do what makes you happy! Leave the haters at the door who think that Harry Potter is not important literature. Nobody has time for that. 

read more of what you love

#3 Read A Book With Your Ears

Listen to audiobooks. Sure, we know this tip has been circulated a lot. Audiobooks are a really great resource if you find that you simply don’t have enough hours in the day. When you listen to a book you’re getting the same information anyway, so while you’re not technically going to read more, you’ll still find yourself blazing through titles. And that is a lovely situation to be in.

listen more to read more

#4 Track What You Read

Using a method of tracking your books can be a really motivating tool to read more. Either by logging your books via GoodReads, or starting a list on your iPhone, seeing the titles accrue can be a great way to get through more books. Goodreads can be a fun new experience if you haven’t used it previously as it allows you to join community forums, review various titles, as well as add “anticipated reads,” to your shelf so you can keep track of what you’re looking forward to. Each time you log in you’ll find yourself in a quasi book-forum/marketplace — uniting all the book nerds!

keep track: to read more!

#5 Keep A Book In Your Bag

Keep a book in your bag! Have backup book on your phone! Stash a book in your car! Whatever you do and wherever you go, make sure you always have a book on hand. This way, if you’re wanting to avoid eye-contact in the supermarket, you’ll always have the safety of a fabulous story only moments from your fingertips. 

read more: on the go

#6 Make Reading A Priority

Even if all you can muster is one page, it’s better than nothing. Making a habit of reading at night or while you drink coffee in the morning can be a great way to unwind and reconnect with yourself. But hey, no one is forcing you to read more. If you’re interested in becoming a better human being, start small. Pick up books you know will be “easy” and work your way up to more challenging texts. Trust us when we say unplugging and settling in with a good book is always worth it.

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