How to Travel like an Artist

by gabimaudiere | January 24, 2020 | All the Rest, On Our Radar, Travel & Outdoors
how to travel like an artist

Traveling to a new city can be just as overwhelming as exciting. Balancing wanting to see the local sites, trying new cuisines, and making enough memories can leave you more tired than you thought…and you’re supposed to be on vacation! 

Remember that old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words? Author and illustrator, Betsy Beier  of the Wanderlust Guide Series  knows that saying very well. With her expertise, we want to encourage readers to make tactile memories while they travel, to get creative and try experiencing a city in a new way. So, we’re sharing some of Betsy’s most creative tips on how to travel like a true professional artist, regardless of your skill level.

In her blog post, “The Benefits of Keeping a Travel Journal,” Betsy outlines some really unique ways that taking your journal on the road can help change the experience (in a great way!) of your trip. Before we dive in, what exactly does she mean by a “travel journal,” in the first place?

A travel journal is a journal where pretty much anything on your trip is carte blanche to include. From sketches of local towns, to more heartful musings on how a particular trip made you feel, taking the time to put your trip on paper is a lovely way to commemorate your time away from home. And the great thing about keeping a travel journal is that any journal will suffice. Don’t have one? Snag one here!

More Opportunities To Engage With Locals

Betsy says that she finds an open sketch book to be an invitation for conversation. Having an open book (literally) invites the idea that you’re more approachable. Showing this version of vulnerable openness creates an opportunity to communicate with others in a way that maybe wouldn’t otherwise be there.

No Screens? No Problem!

If you’re traveling with kids, engaging them with a travel journal is a brilliant and mindful way to get them off screens. Taking the time to reconnect with kids in a tactile and creative way will create memories both you and your children will never forget (because they’ll be sketched on paper)!

It creates some good old fashion people watching

The merit of a good vacation doesn’t have to be quantified in the amount of things you do. Betsy writes that taking the time to slow down and sketch a local neighborhood helps really put a face to the local vibe. She says that whether the people are being captured in a sketch or not, just taking the time to draw the scene provides moments to watch everyday interactions in different locations.

The Details Matter

Betsy says that the best part about maintaining a travel journal are all the little details you then remember your trip by. Taking even a few seconds to sketch out an interesting leaf you find, or simply jotting down random notes and anecdotes from your day can make coming back to the journal years after your trip a really formative way to remember your time.

No Rules!

Lastly, the most important part about your travel journal experience is to remember that there are no rules when it comes to journaling! Your journal is meant to be a keepsake for you, and it’s important not to feel stressed or rushed to add to it. Bring fun colored pencils and markers and draw/sketch and write when you have time. Invite your friends and family to keep one too as a shared experience, and enjoy the experiencing of visiting a new city.

Pre-Order Your Copy Now!

So the next time you go on a trip or vacation, consider bringing along a journal of your own. Remember to have fun, and think of it as a new way to harbor memories.

Watch for Betsy’s WANDERLUST SAN FRANCISCO and WANDERLUST SEATTLE coming soon! Inside, travelers will not only learn about icons of the cities, but also create a unique and personal journal with Betsy’s suggestions of how to get the most out of their vacation investment with off-screen, mindful experiences. We couldn’t be more excited!

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