Make bedtime fun for kids with this art project

In today’s blog, author and artist Addie Boswell tells us about her art and shares a paper cut art activity for kiddos!

With simple text and paper-cut illustrations, Addie Boswell’s Five on the Bed asks little readers to count along to bedtime. The five-member family moves in, out, below, beside, and even above the bed — a perfect read-aloud for bedtime.

We asked Addie about the art in her new book:

The pictures in this book were all made from cut paper. I had to search for the perfect shades of blue, because I wanted to show the light changing throughout the day. But along with colored paper, I also used some mixed media, including newspaper, thin sheets of wood (or wood veneer), paper towels, and tracing paper.

Try Addie’s super fun art project!


  • Construction paper or
  • recycled paper (like newspaper, magazines, candy wrappers, paper towels)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick

Who’s on Your Bed?

For this project, you will “draw with scissors” and cut out things to go on the bed. Some shapes are hard, but the best thing about collage is: you can’t mess up! Just cut something new or glue more paper on top.

Step One: Make the bed

Make a simple bed like this out of paper.

Step Two: Cut out yourself

It’s easiest to make people in pieces, and you can decide which shapes are best for the head, body, arms and legs. Hole punchers work well to make small circles, or you can draw in small details. Now add your favorite pajamas!

Step Three: Arrange the bed

Position your person in the bed in a good sleeping position on the bed. Don’t add covers yet, but think about what else you need on your bed. Pillows? Stuffed Animals? Books? People or pets? Lights or music? Cut them out and glue them down.

Step Four: Add the covers

When your bed is properly filled, cut a blanket out of paper or paper towel that is big enough to cover the people on the bed. Use a scotch tape hinge on the side or bottom edge so you can take the covers on and off. Good night!

Learn more about the book HERE and order signed copies from Addie’s local store, Green Bean Books in Portland, Oregon!

Addie Boswell