Meet the author: Ian Neligh

by admin | September 1, 2017 | History & Biography, Meet the Author

Ian Neligh is author of GOLD! Madness, Murder, and Mayhem in the Colorado Rockies and the editor of the Clear Creek Courant newspaper, located in Idaho Springs, the town where the Colorado gold rush first began. More than anything this Colorado native enjoys finding and telling a good (and oftentimes humorous) story and that pursuit has brought him to the strangest of places, crime scenes, avalanches, gold mines, alligator farms and ghost towns.

What is GOLD! about?

IN:Gold! tells the wild history of the miners who came to face danger and hardships in the Rocky Mountains and the modern treasure hunters chasing their legacy.

What is the story behind the story?

IN: As a journalist working in the mountain towns of Colorado, I discovered that there were men and women still living in the shadow of the Gold Rush. Miners, prospectors, treasure hunters, and those still working to open new gold mines and others to close them for good. I came to find that the history of the people who dug their fortunes from the Rockies was not only thrilling and captivating – but telling of the legacy that we’ve inherited.

What will intrigue readers?

IN: In addition to history, geology, and mineralogy, readers will learn about toxic spills (like the recent Gold King Mine spill) and Environmental Protection Agency involvement, mine mitigation, creation of habitats for Colorado’s critically endangered bats, the story of famous cannibal Alferd Packer, and the staggering abundance of mountain lions and wolverine encountered by pioneer prospector George Jackson (whose discovery of the first large gold deposit started the Colorado gold rush.)

Among many miners and prospectors, readers will meet: Chad Watkins, gold prospector featured on reality TV’s “Ice Cold Gold”; Al Mosch, owner of the Phoenix Gold Mine who appeared on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures: Colorado Gold Mine”; and Dr. Richard Goldfarb, geologist and one of the world’s foremost experts on gold, who appeared on the History Channel’s “How the Earth Was Made”.

For more from this talented storyteller, visit: and follow him @IanNelighAuthor to read an excerpt and find out where to see him speak at Indie Bookstores across Colorado. Watch for his new book in Fall 2019, Spurred West: Rogues, Treasure Seekers, Bounty Hunters, and Colorful Characters Past and Present.

Ian Neligh recounts the story of the Colorado gold rush, bringing it forward to contemporary times, melding the old and the new. He tells about the men who still moil for gold in the Colorado Rockies.

Sandra Dallas, Denver Post

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