New Year, New Us!

by admin | January 22, 2019 | About Us, From the Publisher

To be contemporary is to rise through the stack of the past, like the fire through the mountain. Only a heat so deeply and intelligently born can carry a new idea into the air.”  –Mary Oliver

We are thrilled to announce that today we are re-branding to West Margin Press, signaling a new direction for our more than fifty-year-old publishing house.

This next era for our company will engage more voices, create more books to be cherished, and provide a more expansive view of the world than in our past. Please allow me to introduce you to West Margin Press!

West signals our location and foundation. It is a subtle reference to the coastal values we aspire to convey, which will inform our acquisition process. It also evokes a pioneer spirit, reflecting our experimental nature and our willingness to take risks.

Margin is a literary reference, evoking a manuscript or a book, as well as a place where things are allowed to unfold outside prescribed boundaries.

Among the first books featuring our new logo will be the children’s picture books Catastrophe by the Sea (Brenda Peterson, Ed Young), Yao Bai and the Egg Pirates (Tim J. Myers, Bonnie Pang), and Why Worry? (Eric Kimmel, Aiko Ikegami), all set to release this spring. We will continue to publish western regional and national titles in the genres of nature, travel, history and memoir, fiction, food and lifestyle, and art.

Our legacy imprint, Graphic Arts Books, will continue on, featuring books on art, photography, comics, and other highly visual topics. Our other long-standing imprint, Alaska Northwest Books, will continue to offer authentic Alaskana, now under its original caribou logo.

We hope you will follow us and check out our latest work on this blog, and @WestMarginPress on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

–Jennifer Newens, Publishing Director