New Year New You: Discover the Benefits of Resiliency

by angelazbornik | January 4, 2021 | All the Rest, News

We’re excited to launch an inspiring new series of guided journals for healthier minds and bodies: the Resiliency Guides.

Many years ago, author Janine Wilburn created a personal resiliency program to help her recover from a severe spinal injury. The program features text and prompts designed to elicit specific thoughts. These thoughts trigger the release of happiness-inducing cortisol and dopamine in the brain, thus positively impacting one’s health and well-being.

Janine’s research reveals that by choosing specific thought patterns, behaviors, and physical activities, adults and children alike can become more resilient. Her program has helped military personnel struggling with reintegrating, depression and PTSD for over 15 years. It’s now available to the consumer sector in a vibrant new package.

Available wherever books are sold, the first three Resiliency Guides are customized for couples, families, and people living with chronic pain. A guide for kids, a gratitude journal, and a resource for people dealing with trauma will follow later this year.

Here are some of examples of what’s inside:

From Mindful Intentions
From Family Practices
From Just Between Us

Sound intriguing? Read on to discover more about resiliency and its benefits.

What is the Value of Building Resiliency?

The value of resiliency lies in the ability to survive what would seem to be devastating experiences, as well as the ability to move through the day without being adversely affected by life’s inevitable upward and downward swings.

For example, imagine a teenager who routinely exudes optimism, authentic self-esteem, and positivity in the face of peer pressure, adolescent changes, and educational demands–that teen is resilient. Or, consider the benefits of connection and communication for a family who shares resilience tools and practices as they deal with their collective and individual daily stressors–this family is more likely to get through their collective life without a lot of strife.

Research shows that being resilient helps make day-to-day issues lighter and the traumatic experiences easier to handle.

Can You Learn Resilience, Or Are You Just Born with It?

Scientists, philosophers, doctors, and therapists around the world are studying why some people are more resilient than others in a field called neuroplasticity. The good news from their work: you CAN build resiliency!

In neuroplasticity, experts connect what once seen as “soft,” even spiritual principles to science. They use research to explain the changes in the brain and body based on changes in thought. These new discoveries reveal the brain is more malleable than previously understood, and even subtle changes can create new neuropathways that assist in building resilience. These are the principles that anchor Janine’s work.

Order and learn more about these healthy living guided journals
HERE and read more about them in Janine’s blog on “How to build resiliency in challenging times.”