The West Margin Guide to A Perfect Reading Snack

by gabimaudiere | November 25, 2019 | All the Rest, Food & Drink
reading snacks

Breaking the Fast

When you tumble out of bed in the morning perhaps the first meal you eat isn’t considered a snack. As long as there is ample coffee, we don’t really care what you call it. Coupling your morning meal with a good a book is a fabulous way to start the day. Some foods however are more conducive to continued page turning than others. For example, cereal can be a risky choice as milk is likely to splash onto your pages, causing more clean up time than reading time. A breakfast that requires two hands can be tedious as you finagle needing to cut your eggs and bacon while simultaneously having to turn the page. Unless they’re waffles and you cut little bites first, stick to something that won’t spill, stain, or squander your time.

Reading Snacks

Something Sweet

A cozy cup of tea and a few sweet cookies couldn’t be more of an ideal reading snack. While risk of spillage is high, most of the sipping and noshing can be completed with just one hand. One handed snacking is of course ideal. This reading snack is warming, sweet and just enough to tide you through those last 60 pages. Alternatives could be a few slices of apples and peanut butter or a homemade trail mix with extra chocolate chips.

Reading Snacks

A Snack You Can Sip

Last, but certainly not least, is a reading snack you drink. Wine (of the red variety) is perhaps the most luxurious type of reading snack we can think of. Carving out a few minutes from your busy day to sit back and let go is an indulgent act of self care we are more than willing to prescribe to. And while alcohol is hardly essential, the act of giving yourself a few moments of unencumbered “me time,” is a calming way to say thank you to yourself. Pouring yourself a glass of wine, stereotypical as it may be, is a way to  acknowledge that not all moments of the day must be reserved for the hustle. A glass of wine alongside a good book is a fabulous reminder that sitting still is just as productive as completed to-do list.

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