4 Ways to Support Local Bookstores

by gabimaudiere | March 16, 2020 | Book Industry News

It’s no surprise that small businesses are facing potentially devasting consequences from the coronavirus. In times of uncertainty, rather than becoming paralyzed by everything we can’t do, it’s helpful to focus on all the ways we can support one another.

Turning to the comfort of a good book feels like one of the few remedies we have when putting the fear behind us. But bookstores, in particular, are greatly affected by the spread of the coronavirus. As many brick and mortar shops are forced to close their doors indefinitely, many owners are getting creative about promoting sales. These small retailers are trying their best to support their businesses by offering ways for consumers to continue buying books, such as offering free shipping or curb-side delivery of books to customers’ cars.

Here are four easy ways you can help support local bookstores (and publishers).

2. Buy direct

Another way to support your local bookstore is to buy directly from the shop’s website. Many stores are offering free domestic shipping in an effort to promote business and increase the awareness of social distancing. Your efforts now will go far to ensure that these shops will still be around after the crisis is over.

3. Follow your favorite bookstores on social media

Signing up for your bookstore’s newsletter and following their social media page(s) can helpyou can stay in the loop on how their business is doing. Financially struggling stores may opt to start GoFundMe campaigns if they need help, or they may just need help driving online sales – all of which you can assist with by spreading the word on social media.

4. Donate to BINC

If you’re in a position to give back, consider supporting the Book Industry Charity Foundation, or BINC.  BINC is a non-profit organization that supports bookstore employees facing financial hardship.

You don’t have to do a lot to make an impact. Showing your support by reaching out to local retailers is a great place to start. The most important step we can all take is to care for one another during difficult times. Do you know of other ways to support small businesses during this time? Comment on our social platforms, @westmarginpress with your best tips. We’re all in this together, and we’d love the opportunity to connect in any way we can.


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