The Front Steps Project…Book!

by gabimaudiere | June 22, 2020 | Book Industry News, Meet the Author, On Our Radar

Gone Viral

The project has garnered awareness world-wide, gaining traction in countries such as Ireland, New Zealand, Poland and Scotland.! More than 450 photographers have voluntarily replicated #TheFrontStepsProject in their own communities, and under its name the project has raised over $1,850,000 for local food pantries, hospitals, animal shelters and more impacted by COVID-19.

A Life Changing Experience

Collins says, “this project has been a life-changing experience for both of us…witnessing hundreds of our peers voluntarily put their skills to work to spread joy and raise vital funds has been uplifting and inspirational.” Through starting the Front Steps Project, Soulia says, “I never imagined I would be connected to hundreds of selfless, caring, talented people from across the U.S, Canada and even the globe. It’s been inspiring to meet them -virtually- and learn about the impact of COVID in their lives and communities.”