The West Margin Press Holiday Gift Guide

Have No Fear, Your Holiday Guide is Here

The holiday’s aren’t (only) about gift giving – but in our opinion, if you’re going to give a holiday gift, it may as well be perfect. Right? That’s why we’re here to help you find, wrap, and give the perfect holiday gift this season.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping

Before we jump right in to our grand West Margin Press holiday gift guide, we wanted to share a few quick tips to keep your presents trending towards eco-friendly. Did you know that Americans use 38,000 miles of ribbon every year during the holiday season? If the average American wrapped even 3 of their holiday gifts in recyclable material, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields! So here are a few eco-friendly wrapping tips you can use this holiday season.

  1. Wrap your presents in an old map or calendar you’re sure to have laying around your house.
  2. Use Fabric! Wrap your presents in a cloth napkin, table-cloth or scarf – as soon as your present’s been opened, kindly ask for it back, or let it serve as a double present!
  3. Use craft paper! This is fabulous because it’s a 2-1 idea– it wraps your present and you can write a card right on the front.

For the (soon to be) Kitchen Connoisseur

Just released is Elana Horwich’s fabulous new cookbook, Meal and a Spiel. With easy to follow recipes, and incredibly sage kitchen advice, this cookbook is more than just a cookbook. Meal and A Spiel is a kitchen manifesto that’s sure to take the novice home cook into a bona fide kitchen connoisseur! Jam packed with delicious menu ideas and wholesome recipes, this is a holiday gift that is sure to delight.

kitchen holiday gift

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

In the sequel to Ski Inc, which hit bookshelves in 2016, comes thew 2020 edition tackling the Ski industry’s most fascinating subjects. Through countless interviews, hundreds of sources, and deep firsthand experience, Diamond dissects this unprecedented upheaval, in which the business has been radically, disruptively, and yet positively transformed.

For the Western History Buff

Just how wild was the “Wild West”—and what’s left of it? A time of legend, adventure, and unspeakable tragedy, America’s Western frontier in the latter half of the nineteenth century helped forge the United States into the country it would become and left an enduring legacy for its people. Spurred West reveals the unusual history behind Colorado’s birth and the cultural formation of the Wild West of the Rocky Mountains.

spurred west

For the Lover of Stories

In the much anticipated follow up to Saving Miss Oliver’s comes No Ivory Tower. Set in the backdrop of a prestigious all-girls boarding school, this provocative novel explores the personal lives of those within the school’s small community and the empowerment, strength, and resolve it must find in the face of a surprise adversary. And coming soon will be the third book in Stephen Davenport’s dazzlingly fictitious world of Miss Oliver’s, so make sure you read them all!

For the Armchair Traveler

Featuring 34 of the most popular and scenic parks and recreation sites across the country including the Everglades, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Zion, the Badlands and more, Coloring the National Parks provides hours of coloring fun and relaxation for creatives who love the outdoors. Add your creative touch to nature scenes as diverse as the parks themselves, from mountains to caves to glaciers, Saguaros, redwoods, elk, bears, and many more.

coloring the national parks

We hope this guide helped spur some holiday gift inspiration. Don’t forget to check out our full catalog of books for more ideas and exciting new releases coming out in 2020. And don’t forget to tag us on social media @westmarginpress with your favorite holiday gift ideas!