Want to journal but not sure where to start? Here are some tips.

by admin | September 25, 2018 | All the Rest, Stationery
We set goals to start journaling and researched where to start. Here’s what we found:

Journals are personal so choose one that can be easily customized to your needs. Try hardcover and acid-free paper (for longevity), double-ribbon markers to keep your place(s), an elastic closure to keep the book closed, and a gusseted pocket for mementos and supplies.

They are the perfect companions to take down all your thoughts, notes, reminders, lists, sketches, or anything else you need to put to paper. Use them for structured or free form journaling, recording ideas and dreams, taking meeting notes, goal setting, making to-do lists, tracking gardening successes and failures, jotting down notes and quotes for book clubs, and more!

Use these four key components to tailor your journal to your heart’s desire:

KEY: Code entries to indicate their respective status. For instance, stars can mean high priorities and “X” can indicate tasks accomplished. Record your symbols in a custom key table.

CONTENTS: Get a journal that has numbered main pages so you can easily find dates, sketches, notes and other items at a glance. Use the contents pages to record numbers and topics so you can find them later. And that way you can also feel free to let your mind wander when you are writing in your book. With journals that have months at top, it’s easy to circle and keep track of dates to stay focused.

GRID: A dot grid pattern allows you to record linearly or non-linearly, in bullets or sketches.

POCKET: This is a great place to keep important papers, rulers, stickers, stencils, or other inspirational items.


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