Fully Book’d: Weekend Reading

by gabimaudiere | January 31, 2020 | All the Rest, On Our Radar
weekend reading

Take Yourself on a Book Date

Ever thought you’d be that person to bring a book into a bar? We’re here to back you up! If you’re keen to get out of the house but are dying to finish those last twenty pages, bring the fun with you. Take your weekend read out on the town. Order a fancy drink and drown out the noise. Enjoy being out and about while in the company of a good book—we think you’re exceptionally cool.

Plan A Mini Getaway

So it’s the weekend, the sun is shining, and you’re itching to crack open the new book you were gifted over the holidays. Hop on the bus or get in your car (with plenty of snacks on hand) and explore a new part of your city. Find a park, a local library, or if you’re lucky, a new beach, which can all be perfect places to spend a few hours lazily flipping the pages of a great book. An added bonus: the only money required for this outing is for the travel fare.

Turn Your Phone on Airplane Mode

Try turning your phone off over the weekend in favor of distraction-free reading. Taking the pressure off of social media and other social responsibilities can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing! (We advise telling your friends and family before you go dark – just in case of an emergency.) You may find that your weekend read becomes your weekend reads because of all the time you have.

Get a Friend (Who Won't Distract You) Involved

Invite a friend into your marathon-of-books weekend. Lay a few ground rules like, “no talking unless it’s absolutely dire,” and “you must bring snacks” first. After you’ve established some boundaries, let the company be just that, company. Reading is a solitary endeavor, so having someone around as human background noise can make it feel less lonely.