What Love Really Looks like on Valentine’s Day

by gabimaudiere | February 14, 2020 | About Us, All the Rest, On Our Radar

Love is Love

We at West Margin Press believe that love is love, and Valentine’s Day shouldn’t only be reserved for couples. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to establish fun traditions with friends and family, be them love interests or not. The 14th of February is also a reason to show yourself a little love! Because let’s be frank, we don’t really need an excuse to eat chocolate shaped hearts at ten in the morning, but having a reason doesn’t hurt either.

We asked our team how they show themselves or their loved ones gratitude and appreciation on Valentine’s Day as a way to bring this quintessential hallmark holiday back into the spirit of authentic tender love and care.  From pizzas with heart shaped pepperoni on them, to chocolate for breakfast, we think the way our team shows love is pretty tops.

Jen - Publishing Director and Boss Extraordinaire

Jen’s stepmom sends her Valentine’s to Loveland, Colorado to mail out with their special postmark. She says she looks forward to it every year!

Rachel – Graphic Designer and Creative Genius

Rachel and her family make homemade pizza from scratch. The kicker? Heart shaped pepperoni!

Angie - Marketing Maven

Angie tells her husband how much she loves him, and likes to remind him (especially on Valentine’s Day) of how she fell in love with him. Don’t worry Angie, it’s not corny!

Olivia - Eagle Eye Editor

Remember those middle school moments where you had to pass out homemade cards to everyone in class? Well, that’s one tradition Olivia carries on! But this time with her colleagues. She’s also planning to bake a cake for her friends and family (but she told us she’s really just making it for herself).

Gabi - Social Media Savant

Chocolate. Gabi doesn’t feel the need to say much more other than Valentine’s Day should consider  rebranding itself as, “Chocolate for Breakfast Day.” She also gives her puppy, Penny Lane, heart shaped dog biscuits.