What We’re Doing to Find Happiness

by gabimaudiere | March 26, 2020 | All the Rest, News, On Our Radar

The Silver Lining

Where did the happiness go? In the midst of a pandemic even the thought of finding a silver lining can feel challenging to grapple with. With bad news surfacing at every hour looking at the bright side of a dark situation can become quite paralyzing. To remedy these quarantine blues, we put out a message to our team. The ask? What has been a constant source of happiness during these turbulent times?

A Slide Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

YouTube, in all of it’s melting-pot-of-content glory has some hidden gems that will surely make you smile. While it can often feel like going on a treasure hunt, when you find that one video that makes you belly laugh so deeply, it feels like you’ve uncovered a pot of gold. P

Netflix and Quarantine

In times of crisis it’s promising to know that streaming platforms like Netflix are upholding their end of the bargain. Olivia, our eagle-eye-editor has noted that apart from the welcome distraction of books, she’s been watching shows like K-On, Night on Earth, Kim’s Convenience and Schitt’s Creek. She has also disclosed that during this time she’s already finished six books.

Pets Provide Happiness Too!

Our marketing maven, Angie, when asked what her happiness distractions were agreed with Olivia on turning to Netflix. She also ended her email saying, “I mainly just laugh at my cat.” Which, we might add, she trained to use the potty. *Mic Drop*

A Concert in Your Living Room

Rachel, our in-house creative genius (and properly known as our graphic designer), has been thoroughly enjoying nights…in. Many artists have turned to hosting online concerts for everyone to enjoy while in quarantine, and as a result, Rachel hasn’t missed a beat on her favorite performers

How Are YOU Finding Happiness?

The silver lining amidst all the chaos is that communities are coming together to provide welcome distractions. Though there doesn’t seem to be much happiness, it’s heart-warming to know it does still exist. What are some things that are keeping you happy? Drop us a line @westmarginpress and share your favorite cat-climbing videos or go-to quarantine reads.

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