Why We Love Our Local Bookstore

by gabimaudiere | December 13, 2019 | About Us, From the Publisher, On Our Radar
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1. Bookstores Support Local Authors and Artists

It’s always ideal to support locality regardless of the industry. Not only does the emphasis towards local boost the community economy, but it helps reinforce the idea that cultural identity is and should be always be a priority. 

2. Bookstores Generate Community Centered Events

Many local bookstores invite authors and artists showcasing their work to come by for community events. These are wonderful opportunities to not only get to know your neighbor, but to experience the work of other artists from across the continent and perhaps even world!

3. There are Expert Readers at Every Turn

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your in-laws? Many book shops write expert reviews on small placards beside various books making it exceptionally easy to find the perfect gift for anyone. In addition, most of the staff at these shops are very friendly and are more than willing to help you pick a book you’re sure to love.

4. There is a Human to Human Aspect

When you browse an online marketplace for a book, there is no interpersonal communication happening between you and your screen. When you take the time to physically walk into a brick and mortar bookshop, you’re greeted (if you’re lucky by name) and welcomed to browse through the stacks. Taking the time to connect on such a level with another human being is important to feel as though the space you’re inhabiting is one that is personal — and that by itself is important for not only human morale, but for that of the community as well. 

6. A Bookstore is More Than It's Books

Your local bookstore is more than books on a shelf. Bookstores in their origin served as places of intellectual co-habitation; designated environments where thought was encouraged, provoked, inspired and, motivated. A bookstore (or library) has often been seen as a place of refuge. A bookstore is a place to study or get work done and if not backed by community support, these sacred traditions run the risk of being lost. 

8. They Encourage Good Writing

Local bookstores encourage that the pool of writers stay wide. If there were only one pond in which all authors had to vey for space in, we’re certain it wouldn’t make for the best literature. Nor would it establish a sense of pride when a local author makes it onto a revered national best seller’s list.