Forthcoming Events

Matthew Lasley signs Pedro’s Pan

July 19 2019
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Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center 101 Dunkel St Fairbanks, Alaska 99701


Friday July 19 2019

4:00 pm

Get a signed copy of Matthew’s new book Pedro’s Pan!

Foreword Reviews: “Experience all the excitement of a wilderness gold rush through an unexpected narrator: a prospector’s trusted gold pan. In this picture book that’s based on the true story of Felice Pedroni, a miner sifts through the creeks of Fairbanks, Alaska, at the turn of the nineteenth century. Pedro and Pan—one in red plaid and suspenders, the other round and shiny with a mobile smile and eyes—explore together, braving wild animals, harsh weather, and hard work before striking it big.”

Meet Tricia Brown and Matthew Lasley at Golden Days

July 20 2019
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Fairbanks, Alaska


Saturday July 20 2019

12:00 pm

Meet Tricia Brown and Matthew Lasley and get copies of their books!


Learn more about Golden Days at:

Brenda Peterson presents Catastrophe by the Sea

October 13 2019
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Elliott Bay Book Company 1521 10th Ave Seattle, Washington 98122


Sunday October 13 2019

3:00 pm

More to come on this exciting event!

In the book, a lost cat wanders the beach and stumbles upon a colony of creatures. The encounter leads to an unlikely friendship with a sea anemone and a barnacle, and the cat learns about the ways tide pool creatures survive at the edge of the sea.

Ian Neligh launches #SpurredWest!

October 15 2019
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The Bookworm of Edwards 295 Main Street, Unit C101, Riverwalk Ruby Building, Edwards, CO


Tuesday October 15 2019

6:00 pm

Celebrate Ian Neligh’s new book #SpurredWest at Bookworm of Edwards!

Remnants of the Old West sparked investigative journalist Ian Neligh’s curiosity.

He needed to know how many of these were real and what parts still live on today.

So Neligh spent a year searching for answers. He interviewed gunslingers, bounty hunters, treasure hunters, and more to compare them to their historic counterparts.

He discovered the spirit of the #WildWest lives on much as it did over a hundred years ago. And often it has evolved into something new, but still wild, dangerous, and unpredictable.

This new book introduces readers to fascinating characters of today and yesterday.