At West Margin Press, we’re constantly looking for new authors and artists with which to collaborate.

The following topics are of active interest:

  • Adult and children’s books, both nonfiction and fiction, with the following subjects and themes: under-represented voices, including people of color, native populations, and LGBTQ topics; kindness and empathy, mental health, nature and the environment, personal empowerment and growth, STEM, and STEAM;
  • Graphic novels and memoirs with a strong point of view and unique voice;
  • Authoritative guides about a region’s wildlife, plants, or other natural resources;
  • Historic material, especially that which provides unpublished information and fresh insight;
  • Nonfiction material that reflects life as it is or has been lived in Alaska (Alaska Northwest Books® imprint) and other regions of the USA 
  • Regional arts and crafts – both aboriginal and contemporary;
  • Practical and solution-oriented guides to cooking and lifestyle, especially titles with a health and special diet focus;
  • Gardening, travel, and recreation in the western region;
  • Regionally focused children’s books, both nonfiction and fiction, including activity and craft books with a visual focus

Submission Basics

We accept submissions by e-mail only (hard copy printouts will not be reviewed or returned). We are looking for children’s book illustrators as well, but please do not submit original artwork, which will not be returned.

If you are submitting a book proposal, please include the following with your submission:

  • A cover letter describing the project
  • A completed Author Proposal form (see below)
  • A complete outline or sample chapter. Please do not send the entire manuscript UNLESS the final word count is under 3,000 words.

Send submissions to

Please allow ample time (up to six months) for careful consideration of your work.

Download our Author Proposal Form

Please download our Author Proposal Form for additional, detailed guidance about how best to propose your book.